Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. - Psalm 119:105

Bible Study in John

The Gospel of John!
A Bible Study series on "the Word," the eternal, always-existing, LORD Jesus Christ!
Jesus Christ is the One and only true God who created everything and gave us life. He is the life source and reason for the universe Who will defeat darkness. He is not a god, but The God!
But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name. John 20:31
John brings to attention some of the most important essences of life, faith, and belief and the importance of love and effectual relationships. In addition, He presents His personal discourses to challenge people concerning their barriers of faith. John explores the importance of abiding in our Lord so we can grow and bear fruit to be better, more productive Christians and give glory to God. He also addresses the role, Person, and importance of the Holy Spirit. John provides the major phases of Jesus' ministry...
This article also serves as the introduction and Background Material to our Bible Study series in the Gospel of John.
Here is the incredible news of the most exciting event in the universe: the infinite God, the eternal and unchangeable Holy Lord Creator came down to earth be one of us, to pay the debts of sin for finite man, and give him/her undeserved eternal life! This is "The Event" that shook and shattered the world and brought true healing, reconciliation, and redemption to all who receive it.
A Verse by verse Exegetical and Inductive in-depth Bible Study in John
John 1:1-5        Jesus Christ is The Word!
John 1:6-18      The Word becomes Flesh!
John 1:19-34    John the Baptist!
John 1:35-51    Jesus Calls His Disciples!
John 2:1-12      The Cana Wedding!
John 2:13-25     Cleansing the Temple
John 3:1-15       Being Born Again!
John 3:16-21     For God so Loved the World!
John 3:22-36     Christ must become more in us!
John 4:1-26       Living Water!
John 4:27-45     Discrimination and Prejudice!
John 4:46-54     Jesus Heals!
John 5:1-15       The Pool at Bethesda
John 5:16-29     Jesus is God!
John 5:30-47     Jesus' Debates!
John 6:1-15      Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand!
John 6:16-24     Jesus Walks on Water!
John 6:25-51     Jesus is the Bread of Life!
John 6:52-71     Followers Abandoned Jesus!
John 7:1-24       Jesus Teaches at the Feast!
John 7:25-52     Jesus the Messiah!
John 7:53-8:11  The Woman in Adultery!
John 8:12-30     The Light of the World!
John 8:31-47     Jesus is True Truth!
John 8:48-59     Jesus is God!
John 9:1-23       Jesus Heals the Blind Man!
John 9:24-41     Jesus Heals the Blind Man PII!
John 10:1-21     Jesus the Good Shepherd!
John 10:22-42   The Father's Hand!
John 11:1-19     Lazarus Dies!
John 11:20-37   The Resurrection and the Life!
John 12:1-19     Hosanna in the Highest!
John 12:20-50   Glory to Your Name!
John 13:1-17     The Foot Washing!
John 13:18-38   The Betrayals!
John 14:1-14     Jesus is the Only Way!
John 14:15-31   The Promise of the Holy Spirit!
John 15:1-8       Dwelling in Christ!
John 15:9-17     Jesus is calling us to Love!
John 15:18-27   The World's Hatred!
John 16:1-15     The Work of the Holy Spirit!
John 16:16-33   Joy to Those in Christ!
John 17:1-12     Jesus' High Priestly Prayer, P.1!
John 17:13-26   Jesus' High Priestly Prayer, P.2! 
John 18:1-14     The Arrest of Jesus!
John 18:15-27   Peter Denies Jesus!
John 18:28-40   Jesus before Pilate!
John 19:1-16    Jesus is Delivered!
John 19:17-30  Jesus is Crucified!
John 19:31-42  Jesus is Dead!
John 20:1-18    Jesus is Risen!
John 20:19-31  The Appearances of Jesus!
John 21:1-14    Jesus Appears to Seven!
John 21:15-25  Yes, Lord!
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What Christ speaks into the universe is done in the universe! The question becomes is He speaking in you? If so and He is, do you hear His Word? Does His Word move and mold you? Or is darkness your comfort? When one becomes a Christian, he/she is in right relationship; a deep, unbreakable bond is formed with our living Lord, Jesus Christ. We also have His insight and reason to help us know Him through His Holy Spirit and the Bible. The Bible is the platform that contains His Message, Word, and Plan. By this, we are enabled to live unto God, to know and trust Him, to have His spiritual light so darkness does not surround or influence us. We do not have a relationship to the Bible, but the Bible is our guide to our path that is what Psalm 119: 105 states and is also personified in Christ and why we chose this as our ministry name and theme over 30 years ago.


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