Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. - Psalm 119:105

Youth Ideas

Helping Students Understand God More

We started our first youth Ministry website in has since been sold (Dooooh!), and we have been providing free youth ministry resources for churches, ministers, youth pastors, youth ministers, and volunteer youth workers ever since.

Youth Ministry Meeting and Small Group Ideas

Small Group Curriculum Model: Small groups are designed to meet the deepest relational and learning needs of the congregation. Small groups can help provide the framework for people to be challenged to worship God with joy, passion, and conviction by learning who they are in Christ so they can develop the trusting faith in Jesus as Savior and LORD...

Youth Accountability Questions

Here are 7 accountability Questions that your Youth Group can do.

Great Youth Ministry Ideas

Postmodern Youth Ministry Ideas

Everything you believe is suspect. The world is up for grabs. The rules have changed. Or have they? Welcome to the emerging, postmodern culture. A free zone of rapid change that places high value on community, authenticity, even God-but has little interest in modern, Western-tinged Christianity.


The greatest youth and church relations builder since potlucks and free pizza! If you are a typical youth worker, you are dealing with frustrations because of upset and even angry church members, as well as unsupportive staff! "Why did the youth mess up the kitchen?" "Why did the youth make so much noise in the parking lot?" "Why don't the youth ever do anything for us in the church?" And so forth… Do you need an event that builds positive relations with your church folks? Do you need to get in good graces with the Pastor and Elders? Do you need to have a fundraiser yet are tired of bake sales and dog washes? Do you desire to involve your youth...

Suggestions for Effective Group Prayer

We are going before the presence of God, and must do so with glad hearts and a willingness to be together in unity and love.

More Ways of Building your Student's Relationship with God

Youth Ministry Management Essentials, Crises, and Insights

Mentoring our Youth

Christian Youth need to seek out the Great Commission: we can do this by training and facilitating programs of Discipleship.


Suggestions for Sermon and Public Speaking for Youth Audiences...

By the way, any of our articles, curriculums and/or Bible studies on this site can be used and have been used as Youth Talks!

Church Liability Release Form

An example of making your own release form for youth group outings. It is also good to have this on file for any youth attending your program, so you can get in touch with them and/or their parents, especially in emergencies…

Abstinence Contract

What is an Abstinence Contract? It is a promise that to save oneself sexually for your future marriage partner. Because, this is a command from God, it is His precept and pane, it is the best deal and you will be greatly rewarded by Him if you obey! If not, Play now and you will pay later or pay and pray now (by waiting ad trusting in God) and play later. It's your choice!

How to Kill a Youth Ministry

WE'RE LOSING YOUTH PASTORS! With only 2,550 full-time youth pastors and 23 million teenagers in this country, we cannot afford...


10 MYTHS ABOUT BEING A GREAT VOLUNTEER YOUTH WORKER: Youth Ministry is not comfortable! It's not easy! It is normal and okay to feel inadequate about your skills. Your confidence will grow the longer you do ministry and you will see how God can use us "inadequate" people to do great things!

18 Ways to Get to Know Your Youth!

Get to Know Your Youth More!

Visit their rooms; check out bulletin boards; look at books, magazines, CDs; observe posters and pictures. Try to personally visit each youth once a year, and call them once a month (for large youth groups) For smaller ones double this....

Ten Ways to Improve Relational Skills

Faithful to my Lord's commands, I still would choose the better part; Serve with careful Martha's hands and loving Mary's heart...


Commitment to Personal Spiritual Maturity! Every "student" counts! Every "student" needs to be known, greeted, cared for-Love in action goes to their "world"

Contemporary Christian Music: Misunderstood Melodies

For centuries, contemporary Christian music has been the subject of controversy. It's referred to as anything from mind control to the Devil's own music. From traditional chants, psalms, and hymns to the Christian rock, metal, and rap styles of today, forefront Christian music has and always will bring on some form of discord. Yet today, modern Christian music styles have proven to have popular and positive effectiveness.


A biblical perspective on COUNSELING ON SUICIDE-caring for people, preventing the tragedy, and grieving its aftermath

Youth Ministry Outreach!

Youth Evangelism PI

Issues That Keep People Away: Youth will place their trust in anything that is not God, such as their money, their friends, and the high standard of living we enjoy in the United States. People on the Titanic could not see the peril that was right in front of them; so it is with non-Christians today. Just click on the evening news and you will be inundated by the moral erosion of our culture, and the flight from godly values.

Youth Evangelism PII

Common Objections: What I want to do is challenge you to see some of the root causes why people turn you off when you attempt to evangelize. By knowing these common objections, you will understand why they respond the way they do, so you will not take things so personally. That way, you will not be turned off from doing evangelism yourself. You will have greater confidence because you will know how people respond; you will then be better listeners and evangelists. There are countless objections that people give and many different categories they can go into. But, from my experience in youth and evangelism work...

Youth Evangelism PIII

How to do Youth Evangelism! This curriculum can be used to teach youth groups how to be effective witnesses. This is very important; because when we venture out into evangelizing, you may think you are asking someone to know our Lord when you say "would you like to be a Christian?" but what you are actually asking people is, "Would you like to be like me?" Why is this?

Do not forget the most important call and need of Youth Ministry to disciple your youth! This is what Christ told us to do!

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