Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. - Psalm 119:105

Problem Solving

Problem Solving God's Way

Do you value Christ and desire to lead your church effectively? Consider this, if we do not get a grasp on our problems and then be committed to solve them, we will fail our church and disappoint our Lord and Savior!

Here are the root causes that cause the problems and factions we tend to have in our churches and what we can do about them.
The key to deal with any problem is to surrender our pride to Him, then be willing to commit to a healthy solution!


Pride is defined as the attitude that oneself is superior to others, even to the extent of the regarding of others with contempt as if they were unworthy of any relation or interaction with them. Pride shows the basic thinking "I am better than you are!"

The Perils of the Judgmental Attitude

Remember we do not deserve His love and grace, yet it is given to us anyway!
Hypocrisy and judgmental attitudes cause some of the biggest problems in the Church, and spill over to others outside her walls whose concept of a Church is what they observe. These attitudes also cause severe danger to the growth and comfort of the Church. Comfort is in a place to call home, to feel safe, and be willing to be taught and led, and to serve. This is one of the main reasons, if not the main reason, that keeps people away! Effective spiritual growth, maturity, and outreach cannot happen when the Church is pierced with bad attitudes, all stemming from a poor spiritual condition and...

What is the character in your heart and in your church? Knowing and dealing with this is the quintessential aspect that will grow or destroy your church!

How to manage gossip and slander in the Church with love and care without destroying the church!

Gossip is Evil and Gossip destroys! "There is no better way to start conflict, than to spread gossip!" Most Christians have not let Christ transform them beyond the first stage of salvation; especially in their way of thinking and mindset. This places a limit on how and what Christ is able to accomplish in their lives. Therefore, the result of this behavior is that gossip becomes a normal practice. So most Christians listening to or spreading the news are not aware that it is wrong, because their experience and minds tell them it's okay...

The Three Breeds of Gossip!

Gossip devastates all the good work previously done in a church! The Bible is directing us to restrain our speech. A wise person controls their tongue; what they say and how they say it. The Bible goes on to say that people who spread gossip have malicious intentions as much as the people who start the gossip in the first place. This malice leads to the destruction of property and persons, just as bad as a fire would destroy a home or a church.

Hiding Gossip Behind Prayer!

Do you hide Gossip behind your prayer requests? Did you know that is evil and manipulative, what God absolutely hates? One of the most despicable things I've ever seen in my ministerial experience was a prayer group spending all their time gossiping and very little time actually in the Word of God and prayer.

Listening to All Criticism!

Do you Have the Nose for the News? Gossip Mongers! The Bible gives us clear direction on how we are to keep our mouths in His direction, that is God's direction not ourselves.

Gossip is Evil!

Gossip is Missing the Mark that Christ has for us! The result of gossip being spread and not adequately dealt with; especially by leaders, creates an atmosphere of distrust.
How to manage Hypocrites in the Church with love and care without destroying the church!

Living Honestly

Do you have a problem with Hypocrisy in your Church? Being and living an honest Christian life should just be a natural endeavor. We, who have been filled with the Holy Spirit, know the Scriptures should have no problem with honest living, yet we do. The entire human race is hypocritical at one time or another, somehow this is our nature, as demonstrated by our history, actions, interpersonal relationships, divorce court and testimony by behavioral scientists. There is perhaps not a person on this planet who has not...

The Extermination that Hypocrisy Causes!

Hypocrisy can become the "Articles of War" within a church and within a community coming against a church! When the average Joe or Joann off the street is polled on why they do not go to church, it won't be long before the word hypocrisy comes up! Why? Why do non-church people have such a negative response to the church and especially to hypocrisy?

The Law from Within

Hypocrisy causes more problems than any other endeavor human or satanic in giving the church a bad name in the world! "They Will Know That we are Christians by our Love." So will they?

Pride; the Destroyer of Humbleness

Pride is the fruit of hypocrisy, and humbleness is the destroyer of hypocrisy. Hypocrisy cannot exist in an environment filled with humbleness; this is because...
More helps at getting to the root of solving factions in the church

Christian Maturity

We must have a firm, forward and moving commitment and trust in His work...

12 Principles of a Committed Disciple

Read Psalm 15 then ask yourself if your faith is more than just fire insurance from Hell?

TEN WAYS TO IMPROVE Relational Skills

Faithful to my Lord's commands, I still would chose the better part; Serve with careful Martha's hands And loving Mary's heart...

We cannot see the value nor get a grasp of the promises of God until we surrender our pride and Will to Him. Make the determination to be His and do not allow your self-will to be in His way! Allow Christ to take you beyond your hopes and dreams (John 3:5).

See this channel Conflict 
How to manage conflict in the Church with love and care without destroying the church!

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