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Equipping Pastors and Churches

Into Thy Word is international! We help equip and train pastors and church leaders worldwide to grow deeper in their walk with Christ and impact others around them.

You can partner with us on this much needed mission! We need your prayers, support and involvement…

As a mission, Into Thy Word trains pastors overseas, provides research and resources for discipleship and leadership training. We bring pastors, church leaders, church planters, seminaries and Bible schools biblical curriculums, research, encouragement and sometimes personnel.

Pastor Training

We specialize in developing in-depth, inductive based Bible resources that are carefully researched.
A classic definition for Christian Missions is proclaiming the Gospel message outside of your culture, as in "going to serve at a great distance." It is taking the message of Jesus Christ where He has not been found or has not been preached before as in unreached peoples groups. However...
When we are not exercising boldness, we will not be able to do missions , in fact we will become Christian cowards. This means we will be held back from what God has called us to do; we will miss the opportunities and connections with others He provides for our growth.
There is one quintessential aspect of what makes a person a good witness and missionary. And, that is, confidence in your faith! It has been my experience and observation that people who are good missionaries are confident in their faith.
The goal of missions as well as the Christian life is our wondrous fear of and friendship with Christ! We start with Him and we end well with Him...
The biggest barrier to what God has called us to be is not how people will respond to us; rather, it is finding those who will go. Jesus was confronting this biggest barrier to evangelism and discipleship both then and today-that of motivation.
Yes! It is often debated as to the normative aspect and whether or not it continues today. Some scholars propose that miracles are no longer a function of the church, and were just a part of "redemptive history." However...
See our Pastor's Page for our main materials.
Into Thy Word Ministries is a small Missions organization with a call upon our hearts to bring discipleship materials to pastors and everyone who needs them here and overseas for free. And we need your help!
What we do: ITW trains pastors and provides research and resources for discipleship and leadership training.
One of the primary purposes and call of Into Thy Word Ministries is to research, develop and provide Pastoral Training Curriculum! We have been training pastors and missionaries overseas since 1988 and we would like to provide you what you need too.

We have produced over 1,000 unique Bible curriculums that are used by thousands of people all around the world.

What and Where: We have over 200 full time pastor trainers in 20 countries who use our materials to teach in Bible schools, and pastor training operations. We also have over 2,500 part time people in 80 countries who are "associates." They sign up to use our materials and then train others.

Our media: printed media, audio, radio, video, and our preferred means is downloadable and printable Internet resources.

What Makes Us Unique? We at Into Thy Word are not a conventional Missions organization. We do not send or mobilize; rather we Equip those who do. It is our call and mandate to be a "paraclet" which means to come along side. We also raise up and train indigenous staff. We found this far more effective than sending an "Anglo" who spends years learning the culture, language and getting settled. Thus, we provide with you the discipleship tools, leadership development and the resources that pastors and church planters need to help build their congregations and grow further in the faith. We have been engaged in this call to outfit pastors and churches all over the world since 1988.

What we need
We need financial endowment, support, prayers and workers for His Kingdom!

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We need translators! Would you, or do you know someone who would like to translate our materials? Please let us know! Soon many of our materials will be available in Chinese, Spanish and other languages too. Currently, our greatest need is Korean, Russian and African Languages!

We need associates: Would you like to become one of our "associates?" If so, please see our about channel, look over and agree with our statement of faith and then register on this website then contact us and we will let you know from there. Most of our associates use our materials to train others.

You can partner with us on this much needed mission! We need your prayers, support and involvement…

We provide churches around the world with the most effective tools and the most effectual means possible to better understand and apply God's Word to their life, Church and community.

What is a paraclet? It is Greek, Parakletos, meaning one who consoles, or a comforter or advocate from John 14:16, 26, 15:26, 16:7. It refers to the Holy Spirit who comes along to us, as He is our comforter. We see this as a role model for us to act. There are many great mission organizations out there doing the work of our Lord. But many of them do not have the research facilities, personalize and resources that we do. So we offer ourselves, our training, experiences to bring other missions what they need in leadership development resources and church research.

We see from the Bible that Theology rises out of wonder and awe of God. Theology is who God is and what He wants us to know about Him. We can't just study about God, without being studied by God. This occurs when we have a deep growing and living relationship with Christ as LORD. One can study about God, but we also need to apply Him into our personal lives and our church too! It is our call at Into Thy Word to do just that!

Our Websites include Insightful, Relevant and Comprehensive Articles, Studies, Research, Curriculums, Forums, Chats, Stats, and over 1,000 Resources that are Biblical and Relevant for you to effectively and effectually Shepherd your Flock for Christ's Glory.

Many want to lead a church but many do not want to be impacted by God. It is our call to point the church back to Him!

Many Nations, One LORD and Savior!
We are committed to provide you with high quality materials for you mission endeavors!

A Francis Schaeffer Vision!

You can partner with us on this much needed mission! We need your prayers, support and involvement…

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